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Friday, January 25, 2008

winter wonder land

This is my swing set and it is frozen solid.

I took these pictures with my moms camera.

I am in grade three now. I got a new DS game for my DS and it is Pokemon Diamond. I got it for Christmas. I got an iCat, and Drum Sticks that I plug into my iCat.

My birthday was awesome and I turned 8. I made my own dragon cake. My Nana helped me. I got my own camera for my birthday.

I slayed the dragon with a huge sword (it was really a big knife). And it tasted very good.

The end.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Holiday Plans

(Rainbow Man talking - Mom Typing)

I am sorry it took so long to - I had a whole bunch of stuff planned for my summer holiday. And I got a new Webkinz yesterday.

I also got a new Frisbee and we went camping and there was a big water slide and I went down so fast and then I went underwater and I pretended I was a shark and I attacked Stuperman.

School is coming up soon and Blue Boy is going to go to school with me and I - and me and Blue Boy will play together at lunchtime in the playground.

Today I - there is something planned, like a surprise or something, but we don't know what it is or if it is going to happen today but they said that maybe we might get a surprise.

We got a new pool and we swam in it and when we were at PL camping there we got new shark shovels and they don't really work good at digging so we use them in our pool as sharks. Me and Blue Boy got Green ones and Stuperman got a yellow one.
"Help Me! I'm Trapped! Some one save me!"

This is Stuperman in his elephant in the pool.

"This is fun in my elephant " - Blue Boy

Look I pulled my tooth out!

"I'm a monkey, swinging from a tree!"

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Summer is fun for me and my brothers

We are having a lot of fun in our big pool. my mom was going to get me a camera but she buyed a pool instead, but I said that it is OK, becuase I really wanted a pool and it is a great pool except lots of bugs die in it at night and i have to take them out and some of them aren't really dead and they can still bite.

I found a frog and it was just little not like the thirteen I caught with my papa when we went to the field at night. I put a rock and some grass in the little pool and the frog stayed all day long in it and daddy said it is becuase the frog liked his new house, but now i checked and he left at supper time cus there was more bugs at his house and not at the pool and he might have gotten hungry.

We are going camping soon.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Long Weekend

*typed by mom*

Schools out! Hurray! It's the summer holiday. I am going to celebrate it by first we will have Stuperman's birthday. Then I will go to school and then for supper we will go to subway and we will get ice cream and inside mine and Blue Boy's ice cream we had gum. Stuperman's was rainbow ice cream.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Video On Demand

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Crash

When we were driving to the store to buy groceries, this person was not looking and they almost crashed into our car, but dad had to turn and we made it, but we did hit her car. And Stuperman thought it was fun. I thought it was scary. I thought our car would blow up. And my dad is a very good driver.


some stupid blond chick with her nose in the clouds zoomed thru the intersection going prolly 50 or 60, we had the green light by the way. Jittery swerved to the right thinking she would have seen us and apply her brakes. She had no clue till we hit her rear that anything was amiss.

Jitt ended up swerving left becuase she was going so fast and wasnt stopping at all, if he hadnt swerved we would have t-boned her car with us going 70 or so. It was sucky. Of course the chick didnt stop and see if we were ok or it there was damage ( just some paint scrapes)

Our fender kissed her bumper, and its a damn good thing (his words) that he plays video games and has a good reaction time becuase it would have been a pretty bad crash if he drove differently.

Stupid femal drivers!

The Dragon Story

we buyed a movie about a dragon. this dragon was a dragon that was dead. this girl got this sickness that made her die. she almost died, but she didnt die.

i liked the movie. Very much.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tub Time

in the tub i maed a exeperment that maeks hair foll off. i dumpt it down the drain.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

My Monster Mom

She has a monster mask on, EVERYONE RUNNNNNNNNNNNN!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The New Things Happening

A few days ago me and my dad watched X-Man. The movie was really interesting. It was X-Man two.

I'm going to clean my room so Haley can coem over with her DS and we are going to challenge again and Haley is going to eat Hidie and I will eat Haley.

At school there's a valentines party and I am handing out cards with candy.

me and My mom are just writing a post now. Goodbye everyone!

(my mom typed this)

Monday, February 05, 2007

My Mom Typed This

donuts are not donuts
they are Heaven.


we are going skating at school, and I am going skating and I am going to go Really fast.

Stuperman has a dragon tattoo that is not really a tattoo cus my mom drawed it with her pens. And I have one too. Blue boy has a really cool one.


Everyone have a good day

Monday, January 01, 2007

a piret store

on are dangerous journey we make are way throu the jungle.

we fite mean pirets an we dig for tresher.

we sale on the sea.

are bot is being attack bie pirets.

it is foge so we cant see the vary big poete roocks up ahed.

the bot is goine to crash.

A Pirate Story
On our dangerous journey we make our way through the jungle.
We fight mean pirates and we dig for treasure.
We sail on the sea.
Our boat us being attacked by pirates.
It is foggy so we can't see the very big pokey rocks up ahead.
The boat is going to crash

Saturday, December 16, 2006

tonight I wocht x-man.

hi today my brother drod on the cupboard door.

Friday, December 15, 2006

My Christmas Concert

Thats me in the brown shirt
These are angels we made for Grandma M today at the Family Christmas Night because Grandma likes angles, they are her favorite.'Cept maybe grandpa.

we made cards too, but the glue would not dry and they got brokena and stuck together and ripped and it was ok tho cus mom said we have tape.This is for that lady who wants cat pictures. (blogarita LOL)

*I,meaning me, bluepaintred, RM's momma, taped these and our camera is *sob* broked and it takes crappy video and i should always remember to take the tripod thingy so i dont shake LOL*

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Concert Things

I had my christmas concert today. My mom came to my christmas concert with my papa and aunty Kiss came too. And we sang lots of christmas songs. Today I got to walk home from school with my friend H. and my other friend H. My mom said I cannot use real names.

Today when I was walking home from school I saw two tractors, one was putting lots of snow in anohter one with lots of snow int he bucket int he back of it. I think it was a dump truck and the other one was picking up lots and lots of snow.

I watched a movie today, it was called toy land and there was two little kids and there was some goblins that they had to fight with an army of soldier toys. The leader of the goblins got defeated by getting hit by light and then they stopped all the goblins.

Tommorrow mom will put the videos of my christmas concert on here. She is grouchy tonight.

*a word from mom*

RM decided he wanted a blog. So here he goes. I dont know if he will actually update it, he is only seven, but he seemed to enjoy the tweaking of this template and dictating his post. He is linked on the top of my blog, up by pics and youtube. If he updates, I will mention it in my posts. I assume that only family will be reading this, cus, remember...he is seven lol..

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